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Mesotherapy – Non Surgical

Cradle Your Enhanced Follicles After Mesotherapy


For most of the individuals suffering as a result of hair thinning, alopecia & male/female pattern baldness, there inevitably comes a point where they lose all self-esteem and any hope for the future. At a time when excessive use of medications and/or lotions didn’t result in the desired improvements, all that those affected could do was just somehow get on with life & the accompanying embarassment. It is at this juncture that the revolutionary Mesotherapy treatment brought in a world of change & transformation for such people. At the Nu Cosmetic Clinic all over the UK, they get to have a taste of this follicle-enhancing technique.


Riding on the unprecedented success of non-surgical hair loss treatments in the present age, Mesotherapy is fast assuming a ‘favorite’ status among many people irrespective of their age or gender. Duly obtaining its name from the application of the growth factors to the mesoderm, which is the middle layer of the skin, the therapy is well-known for its fast results and minimal downtime. Quickly finding application across a wide range of areas, this procedure can also be applied on the face, hands, or even on the buttocks to replenish the underlying skin. This can also be used in conjunction with other methods like hair transplant or PRP.



As a specialised treatment mostly carried out by nurses rather than surgeons, Mesotherapy entails the utmost care & precision in handling the equipments involved, other than the application of the proper blend to the superficial skin layers. The Nu Cosmetic Clinic employs several such professionals who possess many years of experience in the non-surgical arena. Most prominent among them is Ms. Jane Haplin, making use of her long-standing association with the NHS. Based out of UK at various locations, we ensure that all your needs will be taken care of in the best way possible, causing minimum fuss to our esteemed clients.


• The entire treatment is over within half an hour, so easing the burden on both the patient as well as the operating team.
• Practically no downtime required, making it possible for the patient to return back to work in approx. a week’s time.
• Even though some bruising & swelling may occur at the beginning stage, they will usually vanish after a couple of days.
• Far less costlier than normal surgical hair transplant procedures, putting less burden on the financial situation of customers.
• A rapid improvement to the existing hairline, which means a simultaneous boost to one’s confidence and self-image.



The activity formally starts by the administration of anesthesia to the patient in order to numb the areas which are being treated upon. Next, the most important part of transferring the necessary elements for hair growth through a series of micro-injections into the scalp portion, or specifically the epidermis, is carried out. The various constituents of the mixture can include vitamins, minerals, DHT blockers, amino acids, enzymes, and the like. Of these, the hyaluronic acid is an essential ingredient that invariably escalates the production of collagens, thereby sustaining the existing follicles and aids in their maintenance.


Where is the Mesotherapy Procedure available in the UK?
Almost all the major cities in the United Kingdom such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Preston, Leamington Spa, Belfast and Leeds, each boast of world-class amenities. In addition, one can find similar Nu Cosmetic Clinic facilities at few other locations like Bolton, or Newcastle, etc.

What exactly is the downtime taken for the Mesotherapy Treatment?
Since this is a procedure of short duration, the process of recovery for the same is quite fast. Within a couple of days, the bruising or swelling developed as an after-effect of the therapy is sure to go down, in effect enabling normal routines to be commenced in about a weeks time.

When exactly does the Mesotherapy Process start to display it’s expected effects?
The results of the non surgical procedure will start to manifest itself after 2-3 days, with the gradual strengthening of the follicles taking place over the following weeks. However, it will take until a period of 6 months for the full results to be observed. This will depend also on the frequency of the ‘follow-up’ sessions.

Which are the numerous factors leading to patients opting for Mesotherapy Technique?
The various causes for hair loss among both men and women can include hormonal changes (as a result of pregnancy), hereditary occurance, crash dieting or unhealthy eating habits, daily stress or pressures of life, due to other medications, alopecia or pattern baldness, from chemotherapy & similar sessions.

Why is the Mesotherapy Method called the treatment of the future?
Due to the barely invasive and bearable pain involved here, in addition to the quick results and less downtime, mesotherapy is in high demand these days. Also, the relative subtle manner in which the entire technique is performed plays an important part in influencing the prospective patients mindset.